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"My home is in a fire zone at the edge of the Angeles National Forest. Brush clearing is serious business, and you need someone you trust to do it correctly, otherwise, not only are there fines, but huge risk in terms of fire. Dave has gone above and beyond. He not only takes care of our grounds without us having to even say anything, but he also goes to bat for you if the city or Fire Department has issues. He takes care of our massive trees and is now doing our retaining walls and will be beautifying our home with his landscaping designs. Can't say enough good things about Dave and his crew. Great bunch of guys! - The Edwards, Tujunga, CA"

“ I just wanted to tell you 'thank you thank you thank you so much' – Every firefighter has told us that the reason we have houses left is because we did such great brush clearance – THAT IS BECAUSE OF YOU!! You saved our neighborhood and this whole end of shadow hills – I thank you so so much. - MJ, Shadow HIlls."

"We have a central atrium in our home with sliders. Two rainstorms ago, they started to leak and there was no way to stop it. We called Dave. He and his crew came out immediately and took care of it all IN THE RAIN. They really stepped up to help out in our real emergency. Dave also has done a beautiful job on our driveway and backyard. He is very thorough and consistent and dependable. We've been his customer for well over 20 years, and I've been very pleased with his work. I'd recommend him for sure. - JDK Glendale CA"

“I’ve been using Dave’s Brush Clearance services for years.  He is very responsive, and his crew always does an excellent job. – Bill S., Sunland”

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